Session 4C

THEME: Creative networks and the temporary creative clusters (“local buzz and global pipelines”)

Room: Xerox Canada (1st floor, Yellow)
Chair: Norma Rantisi

Alexander Cole (Copenhagen Business School, Danemark)
“Negotiating Conventions and Creating Community: The Role of Temporary Proximity in the Growth of European Animation”

Rachael Gibson (University of Toronto)
“International Trade Fairs in the Global Political Economy: An Empirical Analysis of Inter-firm Interaction and Technological Search Processes”

Chahira Mehouachi (Université Paris Dauphine, France)
“Creative clustering: myth or reality? An investigation of the role of different forms of proximities for creative clusters formation and Maintenance”

Laurent Simon (HEC Montréal), Patrick Cohendet (HEC Montréal), Lucy Stojak (HEC Montréal), Jaume Valls (University of Barcelona, Spain), Esteve Juanola, (University of Barcelona, Spain)
“Proximity by Design: Sharing to Learn and Learning to Share at Montreal-Barcelona Creativity Management Summer-School 2009-2011”